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Feeling the Pressure

May 1, 2008

Once again, it is the end of the semester and I have so many deadlines to meet.  On top of coursework, I have summer work stuff I need to get done pronto.  Plus, I am on the hunt for employment.  I’m not trying to put my problems above anyone else.  I know there are much […]

High Tech Heretic: CRT for Tots, A Question of Balance, & Calculating Against Calculators

April 28, 2008

My latest excursion into the house of Stoll first explored the issue of exposing students in Kindergarten to computers.  He states that kids can pick up on things a lot quicker these days, especially computers.  We do not need to have kids at such a young age learning how to use them.  It is an […]

Revamping NCLB

April 22, 2008

Revisions to NCLB are starting to reveal themselves to the public with statements from Secretary of Education Margaret Spellings. She is calling for all states to come up with a uniform way of calculating the number of students who graduate from high school by 2012-13.  According to their research, students who do not finish on […]

My Beef with Facebook

April 14, 2008

Reading from Stephen’s blog, I found this post about Rick Schwier writing about dropping his Facebook account because someone sent him a nasty application and, without thinking, forwarded it to the rest of his friends.  In the end, he was very embarrassed and had to do a lot of explaining. I don’t know whose bright […]

Response to Mmyx3’s Post

April 13, 2008

“I wonder though, what was it like in the ’60s in school?” I don’t exactly what the 60s were like because I have never had the experience of going through them, but what I can say about them is there were a lot of social issues.  From the Civil Right Movement to the Vietnam War, […]

Innovation = Idea + Trust

April 10, 2008

Reading Remote Access today prompted me to start thinking about innovation and how it can expand into classroom.  Whenever anyone first comes into a job, regardless of what it is, they have a clean slate.  In the time they are in their job, they begin to build a rapport with the people around them and […]

Wacky Week Goes Sour

April 8, 2008

Here is one example of the effect culture has on education.  Pineview Elementary School in Reedsburg, Wisconsin was enjoying its annual Wacky Week tradition and let students dress up as senior citizens and members of the opposite sex.  However, Christian members of the community did not appreciate the supposedly “ideologies” the school was teaching their […]

Pay Attention!

April 7, 2008

I found a video on TeacherTube with a message similar to the one in Nate’s video about using 21st technology with teaching.  To summarize, the video asks several questions about why we’re not using certain types of technology in our teaching like blogs, wikis, etc. This has given me some ideas about what to create […]

Response to the Highlight Reel

April 5, 2008

Reading Phaedrus’s blog today, I discovered what one educator is attempting to accomplish in SecondLife by an educator.  Their wish was to create the ideal learning environment for students to come in and discuss learning.  With very few limitations, if any, I can see why this would be appealing to any educator by choosing the […]

Navajo Nation Losing Their Internet Connection

April 4, 2008

This is a sad story.  After a tribal audit was conducted, it was reveal that there were some questionable practices conducted the representatives of the Navajo Nation.  This group of people are able to access the Internet with help from the FCC, who provide roughly 85% of their funding to their ISP OnSat Network Communications […]