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When Principals Go Bad

May 3, 2008

This article discusses how a ex-principal who came into a elementary school and improved the scores drastically caused a commotion when she and some other faculty were creating testing irregularities. Some of her practices included holding back kids against the will of the parents and being negligent with test scores, leaving them out in the […]

Learn Some Manners

May 3, 2008

I think that nowadays we are in such a hurry to get where we are going that we forget our manners.  Manners are something that is usually taught by the family and forgotten in our society by most.  It is good to see an after school program in this article whose goals are to provide […]

I’m a 21st Century Learner Video!

May 2, 2008

I uploaded my video to Youtube.  Go check it out!!!

The Power of Twitter

April 25, 2008

As many who’ve experienced Twitter, I have been struggling with trying to find the value of this SNS.  Then, I came across this story.  A graduate student was covering a story in Egypt about anti-government protests when he was arrested along with his translator for suspicion of being involved in the rallies. En route to […]

Response to Hold the Marbles

April 25, 2008

I wish they had included the original study too. I have always found that concrete examples paint a picture of how the concepts relate to student’s lives and triggers prior knowledge.  Using those visual examples may work for some while the symbols work for others.  I think it should be more about knowing your audience […]

Response to Duh

April 25, 2008

I have used before and feel as though the website provided somewhat accurate reflection of the teacher’s teaching style and professionalism.  However, some of the students who get on that website have had a bad experience because they feel the professor pushed them too hard when they were used to coasting through their educational […]

High Tech Heretic: Chapters 3, 4, & 5

April 21, 2008

The third chapter in the book entitled “The Hidden Price of Computers” discusses increasing price of computers whose life expectancy is only around 5 years.  Throughout the chapter, he mentions the subject of Science and how the cost of putting in computers could be used to build a nice physics lab or chemistry lab.  I’m […]

Response to Sharecropping

April 17, 2008

The article posted on Phaedru’s blog entitled “On Social Network Sharecropping” it seems to me that the community found within Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, etc. is the land for the farmers (the members) to work on.  The benefit of sites like these is the amount of sharing that takes place between people to obtain content they […]

Response to The Greatness of Universities

April 16, 2008

“But in the larger scheme of things, universities flourish because they are places where learning and truth are the only things that are held sacred. We can–and should–ask anything, risk anything in the service of learning and discovering truth. At least, that’s the call to arms.” I completely agree with this two sentences.  Universities are […]

Digital Citizenship

April 14, 2008

There is a push in Social Studies for students to become good citizens and learn the concepts behind citizenship, but should we start implementing the ideals of digital citizenship into Social Studies?  Absolutely. Our culture has been permanently changed by the Internet and for students to act appropriately and responsibly on the Internet.  What are […]