Ning vs. MySpace/Facebook

My experiences using SNS website like MySpace and Facebook were to mostly network with my friends and find new friends in my general area.  They provided a way to keep in touch with those people who I graduated with from high school and college who I have not seen a long time.  In that respect, those websites are great and serve their purpose very well.  While, I have seen some educational use for them through study groups and homework help, I feel that Ning provides more opportunities to join more professional networks and have discussions about education.

The great thing that separates Ning from other social networks is it gives control to its members to decide what rules they want to establish for their network and who they would in their network.  Invitations can be sent out to whoever the creator wants and the network becomes password protected.   Within the borders of the networks you choose to join, you can separate yourself from your students who may be in Facebook or MySpace.


2 Responses to “Ning vs. MySpace/Facebook”

  1. I believe like you that SNS are great to promote education and allowing to create the right environment is key for this purpose, sites like MySPace and Facebook are not created for his.
    I would like to point you that there are other options similar or better than ning to create your own social network site. My company provides a great alternative that we believe is better than ning. Similar like them we let the admin fix the membership rules but what is better you can turn off advertisement from the beginning. It’s also completely white label so you really customize what you want, not like ning that is require to sign as ning user to access a particular site. Ning is the better known provider in this market but look and compare other alternatives, we hope you will find a better option.


    Partner at

  2. Lee,
    I looked at the site www:// and discovered that it comes with a price tag. I thought it was too good to be true! Why would we want to pay for something when we have alternative free source sites we can use?
    We are poor educators we can’t afford to pay for things we can get for free….!ay ay ay !!! 🙂

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