Ning and Collecting Data

One of the ways I have been collecting data for my ethnography has been through discussions in forums.  While the number of responses have been limited, I have received some feedback from users on different social networks found on Ning.

Classroom 2.0 Social Network

“1) I decided to join NING because it is a fantastic mix or friends, forums, and networking on a specific niche topic (such as education technology.)
2) A few months
3) Facebook “groups” is too one dimensional. Linked is professional-focused and does not have the same capability. I truly do not know any other service that offers the range of topics and has the established userbase as Ning.
4) I imagine a world, like Classroom 2.0, where educators are chatting and collaborating online to all continuously improve their classrooms. I think districts could create their own NING spaces, or groups of administrators or teachers across a number of districts. There are infinite possibilities.”

Ning in Education Social Network

“Glad to have you here. Just a little background on Ning. Ning is a social networking “platform,” and so those who are here using it, rather than “joining Ning,” are creating their own educational social networks.”

“I like it because of the quick feedback. If you have a question or comment someone is going to respond in a short period of time. When you respond to a blog you never know how or whether that conversation is proceeding (I know, some have track back). Also IMHO there is some pomposity in blogs that you rarely see here.”

I hope to hear more responses and continue having discussions with the users of these social networks.


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