Ning…Still Not Sure About It

Making my way around Ning this morning, I’ve noticed a couple of things. One, I have not heard back from the 20 some people I sent messages to about a week ago. It makes me wonder whether they are busy with their daily work or maybe they’re just not using Ning anymore. Kind of frustrating. Also, I have noticed that there are some social networks where you would think a lot of people would like to join such as the “Creative Teacher’s Network” but come to find out that only a few members are apart of the network.

I did come across a forum that I found very beneficial.  In the Fireside Learning: Conversations about Education network, I came across a forum entitled “What advice would you give a student just beginning their journey into becoming a teacher?” that immediately caught my interest. I began looking at the replies searching for some comfort as I began teaching in my first year I came across one reply that said to be “zany”. I thought, what in the world does “zany” mean? I got my answer when she described it as keeping laughter in the classroom. That makes a lot of sense because laughter makes the feeling in the room upbeat and helps you cope with some the uneasiness you may have about being in your new position. There were other helpful posts who spoke about what to do and what not to do that will help me deal with the stress of my first year.

I wonder if there are any publicity tools in Ning to promote your network and entice more people to join? Facebook and MySpace are pretty much household names at this point, so for the “mom and pop” networks, how do they put themselves out in the public eye?


One Response to “Ning…Still Not Sure About It”

  1. Hi!

    Saw this post, and thought you’d be interested in some networks/resources.

    Classroom 2.0 ( is a Ning network with about 7500 members. is a Ning network just for educators using Ning. It has over 1000 members as well.

    You might get good responses from these networks.

    Also, you can look at the wiki for some other educationally-oriented Ning networks.

    I do think there are a lot of networks, and sometimes it can feel a little fractured. At the same time, smaller networks often provide a really great feeling of community.

    Ning does give you the ability to create an easy widget directing people to your network, and which you can post on your other sites. And you can search for networks from the Ning home page.

    Hope some of this is helpful!


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