The Power of Twitter

As many who’ve experienced Twitter, I have been struggling with trying to find the value of this SNS.  Then, I came across this story.  A graduate student was covering a story in Egypt about anti-government protests when he was arrested along with his translator for suspicion of being involved in the rallies. En route to the police station, he whipped out his phone and began using Twitter to send one word messages like “Arrested” to the Twitter community.  The message spread like wildfire to his Egypt blogger friends and colleagues in the United States.  The college he was from hired a lawyer to defend him and get him out of this sticky situation.

It’s amazing how one world was powerful enough to save him from any physical harm or even death.  The power of Twitter goes simply beyond talking about what you are doing.  It can save lives!


4 Responses to “The Power of Twitter”

  1. Very interesting view of Twitter. Thanks for sharing this story!

  2. I think that is cool. I like Twitter, with the little bit of exposure that I have had. It seems to be “fun” and mazelike.
    I may, of course, be wrong!


  3. What an interesting story! it goes to show how much it means to stay connected to others !!!

  4. As my luck would go, my cell phone would be out of range or I would forget how to spell arrested. LOL

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