Thinking About Ning

Ning is a third party medium that serves as a global community for social networks created by its members.  Anyone has the ability to create a social network pertaining to just about any topic they want to discuss with others.  The website provides opportunities to empowers its members with creating these social networks and starting conversations they are interested in.  Most of the services provided by Youtube and Flickr are available for use within their social network, so the number of tool available to them are endless.

The rules for Ning are some of the things you might consider to be common sense found in Acceptable Use and Conduct of the Terms of Service page.  Things like avoiding threats, misleading information, and harassment are unacceptable resulting in a ban from the service.  In later posts, I’ll go more in depth on more rules.

Anybody can create an ID on Ning and be apart of the social networks.  The only limitation comes in the form of those creators who restrict access to their networks to keep unwanted people out and only allow the individuals to which the network was created for in.

If you have any experience working with Ning, I would appreciate your insight.


One Response to “Thinking About Ning”

  1. I have not heard of this one. I will have to go to Ning and check things out. I am doing MySpace so I can see what my 14 year old daughter likes so much about it. I am not checking up on her–just cjecking out what she checks out.

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