Response to The Greatness of Universities

“But in the larger scheme of things, universities flourish because they are places where learning and truth are the only things that are held sacred. We can–and should–ask anything, risk anything in the service of learning and discovering truth. At least, that’s the call to arms.”

I completely agree with this two sentences.  Universities are a place where students should feel like they can ask any question to gain a better perspective and understanding of the content as it changes over the course of time.  With the evolution of different cultures, changes will make an impact in different areas of a given subject.  Students should get the opportunity to ask questions they are curious about to quench their thirst for knowledge.  Out of respect for other groups within a class, there are some questions that may be seen as inappropriate or offensive.  So, to a degree, we have to censor ourselves, but I think we are all capable of asking questions that are appropriate and still seek out the answers we desire.  Anywho, the learning process is an ever changing search for knowledge and students should be giving the opportunity to actively be apart of it.


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