Innovation = Idea + Trust

Reading Remote Access today prompted me to start thinking about innovation and how it can expand into classroom.  Whenever anyone first comes into a job, regardless of what it is, they have a clean slate.  In the time they are in their job, they begin to build a rapport with the people around them and start to earn respect and trust.  The trust they earn from colleagues allows them more freedom to create innovative idea that will be tested out and possible implemented.

The same thing can be said for education.  If we want to create an opportunity to use something new and innovative, we have to develop a relationship with our students and gain some trust from them.  When students place trust in the teacher, it gives us more opportunities to try new things and see how well they go over with the rest of the class.  There are some things I would like to try in my future classroom that are considered untraditional, but I will have to wait until I build a relationship with my students before I attempt to implement them.


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