Wacky Week Goes Sour

Here is one example of the effect culture has on education.  Pineview Elementary School in Reedsburg, Wisconsin was enjoying its annual Wacky Week tradition and let students dress up as senior citizens and members of the opposite sex.  However, Christian members of the community did not appreciate the supposedly “ideologies” the school was teaching their kids. So now, students will no longer be able to dress up anymore.

Students at this age are using their imaginations and creating fantasy scenarios all the time.  I’m sure a lot of them don’t even understand the concepts of transgenderism yet.  Whatever happened to the days where you could just be silly?  I’m surprised they didn’t comment on how disrespectful students were to the elderly by dressing up as them.  The lengths to which people will go to ruin everyone’s fun is just amazing to me.


One Response to “Wacky Week Goes Sour”

  1. I agree….in today’s world we’re either so phobic of something or else so afraid of offending someone that it has reached the point of being silly. I really don’t think a boy can put on a dress once and all of a sudden decide he would rather be a girl! I think the issue is much deeper and more complex than the dress! Kids don’t get to enjoy being kids anymore…no wonder some turn out the way they do!

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