Response to Mulling Tuition Policy

High tuition does provide institutions with resources to create new and exciting opportunities for students, but as a result not every student who meets the prerequisites for admission will receive the chance to attend.  Scholarships are prestigious honors allowing the recipient to avoid the financial headache and enter these illustrious academic domains.  However, no matter the claims one makes to have on financial aid, there is never enough to cover every student and provide the same opportunities.

So who gets in?  Does everyone have an equal chance of receiving aid?  I don’t think so.  The opportunities available to students who attend private institutions and public schools with students from families with a higher average gross income will get to experience things that students on the opposite side of spectrum will not.   Those experiences will play a factor in who “earns” the right to receive aid.

In an Utopian society, tuition would be free and resources plentiful for educational endeavors, but no such thing exists and will never exist.  As time goes on, tuition keeps rising and will continue to go up.  What can we do to prevent the price of education from increasing further?

Mulling Tuition Policy


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