Response to the Highlight Reel

Reading Phaedrus’s blog today, I discovered what one educator is attempting to accomplish in SecondLife by an educator.  Their wish was to create the ideal learning environment for students to come in and discuss learning.  With very few limitations, if any, I can see why this would be appealing to any educator by choosing the aesthetic look of your classroom and the objects found within it.  In addition to the physical environment, the designer can decide what tools to bring to the discussion about learning.

I think it is a dream for any teacher to not have to worry about the problems that come with financial funding and the only limitation is the extent of your imagination.  The ability to create a digital representation of the vision we have in our heads is probably about as close we are going to get to making it a reality.  I wouldn’t mind tinkering around with this idea.

As for the Software for Starving Students, this is a great idea for teachers to download, burn, and distribute to students to avoid unwanted costs and feel up room the already limited classroom budgets.  I know we discussed something similar to the website Portable Apps that you could download and upload to jump drives for students to use.  I plan on using both of these wonderful websites to help out with access to software in my future classroom one day.


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