Reaction to “I’m Afraid Not”

The Youtube video “I’m Afraid Not” describes the effect fear has on society as a whole.  We are all subjected to different images of fear that put us in a place where we become scared of what the future might look like.  These images are funneled out through the media by the government who wish to keep us in this state of fear, not thinking for ourselves about what they are really saying.  To me, the message of this video and its relevance to purposes of education is that education provides enlightenment.

With the power of the Internet, we can research the things that politicans say and determine for ourselves whether or not there is any truth to what they are saying.  Our ability to seek information and to think for ourselves will put us outside of the “state of fear” we may find ourselves in by the images played across the media.  Education provides the means necessary to not live our lives in fear and become aware of what is really going on around us.


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