Navajo Nation Losing Their Internet Connection

This is a sad story.  After a tribal audit was conducted, it was reveal that there were some questionable practices conducted the representatives of the Navajo Nation.  This group of people are able to access the Internet with help from the FCC, who provide roughly 85% of their funding to their ISP OnSat Network Communications Inc and the remaining percentage is taken care of by the Navajo Nation.  Universal Service Administration Co., or USAC, carries out the FCC’s service and has asked the Navajo Nation to present documents to prove the allegations wrong.  The tribal regulator Franklin has presented such documentation outlining exactly how business was conducted, but it doesn’t look good for them.

What is sad about this is the fact that so many people who received Internet access and the chance at achieving an education and maintaining their professional lives will reach a huge speed bump.  This is very similar to what we have talked about with the farmer receiving a cell phone to call ahead to the market.  Technology helps people connect with others.  I hope that they can work things out and get their wireless Internet connection back.


One Response to “Navajo Nation Losing Their Internet Connection”

  1. This is ridiculous. I wonder if subsidizing the cost of satellite Internet technology is the real problem. It sounds like this is a costly venture anyway and I wonder how much a provider other than OnSate would bid for the service.
    I like this quote, “It’s not like it’s not being used and it’s just going to go away,” he said. “It’s used tremendously by the public. It’s just sad that this has to happen.” It’s unfair, too.

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