Well, I have been following people on Twitter and adding new people to follow. I’m still a little unsure about it, but I think in time I’m going to get the hang out it. I chose Twitter because it was a social networking site I have never personally used before and wanted to know more about it. It doesn’t have all of the applications that facebook and myspace have available, which is a big plus considering a) some of them are inappropriate and b) they can really make your site cluttered. I hope to learn more about Twitter in the future and start using it more effectively.


5 Responses to “Twitter”

  1. The secret to twitter is twittering.

    You need an application .. like twitbin, twirl, snitter, or the like … that you can keep online when you’re at the computer and can watch the “river of tweets” flow.

    Monitor your “@’s” and if you’re not following 40-50 people who tweet, you need to find some more people. My average span is about 8 minutes.

  2. Ok Nate, are you speaking English or Computerish. Are non- twitter people suppose to understand what rivers of tweets are?

  3. Hm. Probably not.

    Twitter has been likened to a river. You can go to the riverbank and watch what the river brings into view and then sweeps away. After it’s gone, you dont usually go chasing downstream after it.

    Likewise with Twitter. You come to twitter, watch the flow of comments for a while, and then you leave. Once in a while, you’ll track something interesting down stream.

    If all you do is open the web page and look to see what’s happening and don’t watch it move for awhile, then it becomes a snapshot of a river. It’s interesting but doesn’t *really* give you an accurate feel for the power of the flow.

  4. Thanks so much. Now I will probably have to join twitter too, to see how that works. Sounds interesting. I assume that also means if you don’t check it often than you will miss a lot that the river has already taken down stream.

  5. If you get an application like Twitbin and check it for 10 minutes at a time, you can find a lot of good stuff. I love it!

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