The Roles of Education in Preserving Culture

Education plays a role in preserving culture by teaching the values of a particular culture, depending on the area. The socialization of children through their primary care givers determines the values that will be instilled within them. The values of the dominant culture within the area will be reflected in the instruction given to students, thus reinforcing the culture and preserving it. When a culture begins to see change from exposure other cultures, the values of the group begin to evolve. When those changes occur, changes within education change as well.

One example would be the content taught about African Americans and women before and after the Civil Rights era.  Before that era, both groups were held in a different light that was degrading, creating a poor image of them.  These perspectives where reflected in the instruction given to students before the Civil Rights era.  Afterwards, the views of both groups changed and with those changes came a different perception in the instruction given to students.

In short, education does not preserve a culture, but only reinforces it. I may be off with this explanation, so if I am please help me out with it.


One Response to “The Roles of Education in Preserving Culture”

  1. No, I think you are on the right track. I have a very hard time when the question needs us to relate education to culture, too. I feel that we take each individual culture and try to mix them and level the field between the cultures and make school generic enough to accommodate all cultures without offending any of them.

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