Why Teach?

 With all of these thing to keep in mind, why do we teach

What a short and complex question to ask yourself.  Well, for starters, I believe that through education we become more well informed citizens with the competency and knowledge to solve the problems we face in our society.  Education takes on so many forms today that it is hard to keep up with them all.  The quality of the education that someone receives makes a difference in the career they choose, the beliefs they want to cherish, and the direction they want to take in life.  The proper development of students is a cause for concern as students progress from elementary to middle school to high school to college.  In addition to the academia, social development is something that we should on our goals for students as well.

So with all of these things to keep in mind, why do we teach?  I think it has a lot to with being the guide.  When we all teach, we ask questions and answer questions students have for us all in the interest of gaining a better understanding of the content.  It makes us, or at least it should, feel good about the direct impact we have on our students.  The impact does not fully come from the teacher alone, but the practices of the teacher, if that makes any sense.  To clear up this confusion, the teacher does not simply come in every class, lecture while students take notes, and give them an assessment.  The teacher creates different activities for students to engage in by themselves or with others to further develop their understanding of concepts.  Exposure to different experiences creates more well rounded thinking and in turn a better student.

Outside of growth, we are forced to teach to certain standards set by a higher power than ourselves.  This influence affects the lesson we can teach and takes away some of the ability to decide what we would like to teach.  Sometimes, we can find ways to work in some of the content we would like our students to look at, but most of the time it is impossible.

We teach students how to learn on their own and change how their view of learning.  Some students like to be lazy and have everything spoon fed to them in big bites without putting forth any effort.  Discovery should be something that is both difficult and rewarding.  By pushing students to learn on their own and seek out the answers for themselves, we are giving them the rights to succeed.

I hope I was able to successfully answer the question.  It is a difficult one to answer in just a few sentences and one that I would still ponder on in the future.


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