Solomon Chapter 11

This chapter in Solomon is all about professional development and the ongoing struggle to provide the best PD for teachers.  Towards the end of the chapter, Solomon outlines some common elements of the effective model programs.  These elements basically say that collaboration with the key parties, respecting teachers as professionals and the feedback they provide, and developing close connections between curriculum & technology for a diverse student population should be in all PD programs.  It was mentioned earlier in the chapter thta the people who design the professional development have very little teaching experience to their credit.  I wonder if this has changed over the years since 1994 when Mary Howard Futrell found her evidence.

Maybe one thing that should be considered is administering surveys to teachers to see what they are interested in learning more about to help their instruction.  Different professional development sessions will be more practical in certain areas than others.  Districts need to evaluate the needs in their schools and collaborate with the teachers to find out how to improve the instruction in their classrooms.


One Response to “Solomon Chapter 11”

  1. I agree with your ideas of surveys. If districts knew which areas teachers feel like they need improvement, it would go a long way. I also liked something else mentioned in the chapter, and that was having teacher partners. That way, each teacher has a built-in support network, a sounding board, someone to share ideas with.

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