Purpose of Education

Why do we educate the masses?  What is the purpose of education?  I had an idea of what the purpose of education could be, but it took the words of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. to reaffirm my position on the subject.  In a world where new problems are going to present themselves to students that require unique solutions, students need to be prepared to think, using Dr. King’s words, both critically and intensively.  Meaning students need to be able to think for themselves about the information presented to them and determine whether there is truth in it or if it means to deceive them.

While we want our students to think logically about the world, we do not want them to forget how ethics and morality fit into our thinking process.  Dr. King describes a man who thinks logically but lacks any morals as the greatest criminal.  While we all have our own definition of what constitutes morality, the students need to decide for themselves their own perception of the concept.  By creating opportunities for character development, students will be more well rounded in their thinking and become better problem solvers.  The concern we have to overcome is to remain unbiased in our exploration of morality with our students.  While we may disagree on certain specifics, I think there is some common ground among our beliefs that would be a great foundation for students to build upon.

If a student possess these two things, I think they will be more than prepared for the future and the obstacles that await them.


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