Information Freeloaders

With the amount of access we all have to the Internet and its contents, how often do we think about giving back to the digital community?  I use the Internet for a variety of reasons from checking my e-mail to writing blog posts.  I am guilty of not giving back as much as I take away from the Internet.  Is that a bad thing?  There is just so much information that I want to obtain from it that I don’t think I could ever match it with my own contributions.  In case you’re wondering, all of this talk about giving back came from reading Clarence Fisher’s blog about “Information Freeloaders”.

As role models for our students, we should model behavior that we expect from them. I think that everyone knows that.  But, do we often think about what kind of digital role model we should be for them?  Probably not.  What kind of steps can we take to improve upon the image we project to students about giving back?  What kind of “online citizen” do we want our students to be in an ever changing Internet community?


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