Easier Access to College

It seems gaining access to college is going to get a little bit easier in the coming years. According to the New York Times, the number of high school graduates is going to peak at 2.9 million and go on a decline. What this means is that Johnny and Susie with dreams of moving on to higher education will have a better chance of getting into their “dream” universities. Now, I hope these predications for high school graduates are untrue and more decide to obtain their degree, but it would give a better for those students who really want to go to college an edge. What might have caused the decline of graduates in American high schools? How can we motivate students to go to college?


One Response to “Easier Access to College”

  1. Wonder if this will have an effect on tuition rates? With the census down colleges will have to make their money somewhere. Cut staff, programs, or raise tuition. None of which sounds good.

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