Boys’ And Girls’ Brains Are Different: Gender Differences In Language Appear Biological

I have seen in my own experiences some differences between boys and girls I have taught, but I never could find any research to back my observations.  This article on Phaedrus’s blog discusses how boys may have a bottleneck effect for obtaining visual and auditory information at a different pace than girls.   The reason behind this, according to the article, is that girls develop at a faster rate than boys do at this age.  This make sense to me since students are going through puberty and starting to see changes in all aspects of their mental and physical state.  The starting age for development has a six year range and some will start earlier than others, but girls will always begin to show signs of change earlier than boys.  While it may be an issue during these early adolescent years, I think as males go through the course of development they will “catch up” to females.   I do not think that all males lag behind females and, in some cases, they may be ahead of the curve in their own development.  What are some strategies we can incorporate in our teaching to help develop more abstract type of thinking in males?  What are some ways we can sink in a message to what we are teaching to males that will help them grasp the concepts in a lesson?


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