The Relationship Between Culture and Structure

The culture found within any particular society encompasses a language, customs, and ideas that are practiced by the individuals from it. The influence of a culture (more likely the dominant one) has on the structure of school systems is very prevalent. If you were to look at the schools in Kentucky and compare them to the schools, in say, Texas you will definitely see a major difference. For one, the number of different spoken languages will be higher as well the level of diversity found amongst the teacher and student populations.   Not only that, the teaching philosophies and methods will be different as well.

I have several questions rolling around in my head: Is there any way to balance out culture in all schools? Or,  will there always be a dominant culture for every region?  Is it just a part of life?  Is the structure more fluid today than it was say a decade ago?  Is it a good thing that structure is fluid?  Bad thing?

I know there several questions to be aske (some of which may not make any sense) but there is no doubt that the culture of region does have an influence on the structure in the school system.


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