Reading Stephen Downes blog today, he discusses the issue of responsibility and provides a link to a blog that ask BIG questions.  Some of the questions discussed in the blog deal with how much time we should be spending on information students find on the Internet that they want to talk about.  This becomes a real juggling act for us because we already have a schedule to keep in order to get all of the prerequisite content in before spring testing commences.  However, I think we need to answer those questions that students have when they take the time to research certain topics relevant to the content discussed in class.  If it is something outside of what we are looking at and it is a question that can be answered then it should be discussed outside of the instructional time after school.

As far the term “responsibility” goes, I am of the same opinion as Mr. Downes that it should be something imposed on anyone, but accepted by one’s own free will.  No one has forced us to choose the profession we are now pursuing and with our choice we accept the responsibilities that come with it.  Whatever organizations or extracurricular activities we decide to get involved in we choose to take the responsibilities that come with our sponsorship.  Now, sometimes there are people who try to push responsibilities onto us against our will.  In those cases, it goes against the whole notion of accepting responsibility and instead we are forced into it.

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