Information is a Virus

I guess I must be on a role with finding different ways to describe the concepts we have been talking about in this course.  I found this article from Remote Access where the act of information spreading across the Internet is similar to the way a virus spreads across an area.  It all starts at one location, whether it is a blog or a website on the Internet, someone reads it and writes about it, someone else comments on it, and so on and so forth.

Clarence Fisher suggest that a piece of software should be created to track how fast information spreads and how many people are receiving it.  It would be really interesting to see some of the numbers and routes produced from this software. It would be really interesting to see if this information would help bring more people into the blogosphere and start collaborating.


One Response to “Information is a Virus”

  1. Interesting concept. I wonder if it could be done to track how many people are looking at your information and commenting on it and how fast it travels in minutes, hours, and days from the original post time. I’m sure it won’t be long until it is created. (if it isn’t already available)

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