Silicon Ceiling

Reading this article reminds me of a lot of my first major I chose my first semester at Morehead State University.  The reason I chose this major initially because of my love for technology and the fact that their salary would be more than satisfactory.  Ever since the days of the old Apple computers and playing Oregon Trail in day care I have always had a love for technology.  Computer games opened the door to learning other aspects of the computer hardware and software.  This game is nowhere gender bias and both boys and girls were playing it a lot.

If we want to get more females interested in computers, then we must find out what their interests are, cross reference with what software is available on the market, and introduce them to it.  Whatever software you may choose will serve as a springboard into different areas of a computer.  As for the occupational aspect, keeping up to date on what jobs are available would be a good start.  By knowing what’s available, you provide a better means of providing students with accurate information and use their interests to help them possibly find a job they really like.

The early we start to get girls involved in technology, the more likely they’ll develop a love for computers that could possibly turn into a career.

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