Is Your Class Living in a Digital Ghetto?

The four criteria expressed within this blog are nothing new from what I have read in the past about the digital divide, but the term “digital ghetto” is both fitting and interesting. Within any country there is a class system of upper, middle, and lower classes. The elitists enjoy the luxuries of life and have their financial backing to make them possibly, while the people at the lower end of the spectrum struggle to survive. Within the technological realm, classrooms that do not create opportunities for students to have access to technology are putting their students in these digital ghettos. The residents of these digital ghettos have limited skills in technology and have fallen behind the rest of the world in technological competency. We have to provide opportunities for students to use technology to avoid the pitfall of ending up in one of these ghettos.


One Response to “Is Your Class Living in a Digital Ghetto?”

  1. While the blog, as you stated, doesn’t say anything new, it does speak volumes while putting the general knowledge into different wording. My class is not in the digital ghetto, but we may still be in the outskirts of it. Since this puts the digital divide into a clearer perspective for me, I am now thinking how to use the technology I do have to work.

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