Finally Starting to Feel Better

 Well, I definitely had my fair share of illness last week and this weekend.  It all started on Wednesday when I started to get some flu-like symptoms.  Those symptoms kept on getting worse and went to the doctor on Friday to get checked out and receive some medication.   About 5:00 that afternoon, I noticed my eye was acting funny (I’ll spare the gross details) and saw it was conjunctivitis or more affectionately known as “Pink-Eye”.  How convenient that I start seeing symptoms right as the clinic closes for the week.  This left me worried about what to do and so I finally decided to go to the Emergency Room.  After waiting for 4 hours, I finally saw a doctor and got some anti-biotic ointment.  They’re starting to get better.  I have never had anything like this happen to me before and I hope I don’t have to experience it again.


2 Responses to “Finally Starting to Feel Better”

  1. Isn’t it strange how red your eyes can get with this. I have had it before, and I went to work with it. I forgot I had it, but was quickly reminded when everyone who looked at me would say–what is wrong with your eye. I should have stayed home.

  2. I had pink eye several times as a kid. Piece of advice…if you wear contacts THROW THEM AWAY.

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