How does digital techology improve the level of equity? How does it hamper?

Can digital technology be a vehicle for establishing equity? I believe it has the potential to do just that. The many different applications you can use on the Internet provide the means to accomplish the goals you have set for your classroom. Digital technology provides opportunities for students to become connected to each other and collaborate on learning. No matter where students are located in the world, they can access the Internet via an Internet connection and a computer. Inequities may lie in the type of connection they have available to them, but at least they have some gateway to the information superhighway. As I mentioned before, there are several tools available on the Internet to use as a means of increasing equity. With most applications, you can manipulate the type of language that is presented on screen. For example, on Facebook you can alternate between English and Spanish if you go under the account settings. Now, more than likely, most of you probably won’t use facebook in your classrooms for an educational purpose, but this just example of how ESL students can work with digital technology.

Digital technology can hamper equity by simply forcing it into instruction instead of taking the time to properly evaluate its worth. When looking for what we use in our classrooms, sometimes we come across something brand spankin’ new that looks and sounds great. Caught up in this moment of awe, we can forget to ask ourselves what is the value of this in my classroom? Will it help me meet my goals? When it comes to digital technology and equity, we have to ask ourselves those same questions. Avoiding those moments where we get lost in the aura of digital tool and start thinking more practical about things will help one in the right direction to establish equity with digital technology.


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