Does Access or Lack of Access Affect Culture?

There are so many different types of culture out there in the world today that it is sometimes hard to keep up with them all.  There are not only cultures found around in the physical world, but also within the cyber world.  Online gaming has its own subcultures with their own language and modes of expression.  Some may consider this unusual, but it is a fact.  I’m sure there a lot of cultures where we are left scratching our heads, but it is considered the norm to them with its own standards.  In past decade, the technology boom has come on all cylinders, barreling down at full speed.  The entire world has become connected to one another and within that network of  students, mothers, fathers, writers, musicians, artists, etc. ready to communicate with each other.   Schools who lack access to the technology to join the online community will leave them left behind the rest of the world.  With access, you get information from all over the world that you would not get without it, which puts you at a great advantage.  Businesses with access to technology can reinvent their whole structure and branch out to new clients.  Teachers can use access to connect with other classrooms in other countries.  Adults can receive an education online and still manage their hectic lives.  So, does access affect culture?  Yes! In a big way!


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