One Ivy League Door Opened for the Middle Class

Stanford University has now come up with a plan where students who come from homes of $100,000 or less to receive free tuition to undergraduates and students from homes of $60,000 or less to receive free tuition and room & board.  I’m glad that the gap between the upper and middle has been reduced somewhat.  I never had any aspirations of attending a Ivy League school or even thought it was a possibility.  Not because I didn’t consider myself intelligent enough, but financially I could not handle the cost of tuition.

Despite this victory for the middle class, I wonder about the options for the lower class.  I wonder if there are any scholarships set up to bring students of low socioeconomic households into Stanford’s student population.  What are the demographics of the campus as of right now?  I may go check that out.


3 Responses to “One Ivy League Door Opened for the Middle Class”

  1. The obstacle to the lower class is not financial.

    Since $60,000 or LESS would include – say – $10,000, the Stanford program is available.

    The obstacle is academic.

  2. That may be, but it even says in the title that it is a middle class tuition break. It may not be a reflection of what the university thinks and just the LA Times, but it just seems as though they are giving off the impression that students from a lower class cannot make it to Stanford. Why not instead have a title that says a tuition break for all? Plus, some schools from lower socioeconomic areas may have bright students with a lot of potential, but just cannot provide the necessary prep for an institution like Stanford. What can we do to help students overcome that obstacle to make itto the best universities? Sorry about ranting.

  3. I agree we are guilty of assuming that students from a low socio-economic background are inferior in the classroom. But, I’ll bet there is a catch to this offer. This new class of students probably has to take some sort of crazy entry exam to see if they are good enough intellectualy, or wear a ‘scarlet letter’ of sorts. Sorry for passing judgment, but I am a skeptic by nature.

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