Time to Put the CATS out!

There is bill in the Senate right now that is suggesting a new form of testing that may potentially replace the 18 year old CATS testing.  If this new form of testing is implemented, the entire format will be nothing but multiple choice questions for students to answer.  I wonder how the students who excel at writing are going to fare when they are forced to take nothing but multiple choice tests and not display their writing skills.  What this form of testing will do is provided an additional 21 instructional days and save $10 million dollars.  This could potentially free up some more money to provide resources for schools to work with in their budget.  It is still unclear whether or not this form of testing will get adopted,  but it will be interesting to see what happens.


2 Responses to “Time to Put the CATS out!”

  1. The CATS tests being revised is LONG overdue. However after reading some posts about this in the news today I’m quite disturbed. I recently attended the Model Schools Conference in Washington DC this past JULY and if you listen to
    many forward thinking professionals that presented at the conference education needs to be focused on Art, Science, Math and Technology.

    We have the arts part of the test being deleted and I hear no mention on the USE of technology. As a matter of fact there are things the CATS test do not measure which is what will be important for many of our kids futures in a global world economy.

    Technology is a MUST. However, the arts are essential to innovation. For the US to stay innovative we MUST maintain or increase the arts in our schools throughout the US. That’s why China is investing billions in their arts programs. They know it’s why the US has done so well.

    So….CATS and KY? We’ve obviously got problems!

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