The Gap Continues to Grow

The digital divide just got a little wider when the percentage of lower wage jobs in Silcon Valley dropped from 27% to 22%.  This is disheartening to ambitious lower wage workers by making the journey up the totem pole a little more difficult than they would probably prefer.  What I found really interesting wsa the number towards the end of the article.  According to the article, only half of the homes in this region have access to the Internet while Japan has 65% and South Korea have 94%.  Almost everyone in one country have access to a broadband version of the Internet and the contents that it holds.  Two different forms of alienation are occurring right before our very eyes.  There are jobs becoming unavailable to a certain class as well the Internet itself.  What is causing this happen?  There seemed to be an increase in the number of foreign citizens in the region which makes me question whether this particular group are willing to work for a lower pay to gain citizenship and entry to the United States.  It may be a little far fetched, but it would explain why there are fewer middle class employees than there once was before.  Who knows?  What we do know is we are still lagging behind the world in providing access to the Internet for all of our citizens.


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