The Mob and Education

My first initial response to the title of this article was the gangster mob, but that’s not at all what this article is referring to but instead an angry mob with torches and pitchforks. Anywho, the mob is a force to be reckon with in how resourceful they are at obtaining what they need. Many have tried to put roadblocks up to delay or stop the mob from accomplishing their goal, but all have failed. From movies and music to multimedia tools, the mob will do whatever it takes to obtain what they want. So, if the mob are so smart and resourceful that they can find their way around anything, why not put that resourcefulness to some good use? Schools block “inappropriate” websites to protect students, but they will eventually find a way around it. We need to create activities where students can create something positive from the those skills of resourcefulness.

The mob is one big network of people who can not be broken regardless of the efforts taken by certain parties. We should be using this network to establish more collaboration opportunities with other members of the social network for students.

Within the article, there is an example of how farmers are connected to the mob via economical cell phones. We can connect students to the same network via technology that is easy on our budgets.

In short, the mob exists and it is a real thing. Trying to put a stop to it is futile. What we need to do as teachers is figure out how we can provide better learning experience through collaboration to help look at some the problems out there today. These experiences will be very beneficial to students and put their skills to good use.


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