Same-Sex Classrooms

Reading in Chapter 9 of Solomon tonight, I came across the heading Same-Sex Classrooms and immediately thought back to my student teaching semester when I taught in one.  I was teaching Math to a room of sixth grade girls and I noticed some differences between the co-ed and same-sex classrooms.  For one, it seemed as though the girls were able to focus more on the instruction and interacted more than the other classes I was teaching.  They were one of my better classes.  Boys and girls both want to impress one another and I think when you leave just boys or just girls in the same classroom it eliminates the pressure to be impressive.  I have no research to back up this statement, but it comes more from my own personal experience.    There are some things I can get some students to do in a same-sex classroom that may be more difficult in a co-ed one.

I’m still not sure how I feel on this subject, but I intend on researching it a little more in depth and find the most current research I can before I make a decision.


2 Responses to “Same-Sex Classrooms”

  1. I have not been able to teach in a same sex classroom, but I do know what I have a class with all boys except 3 girls. So I have about 19 boys and 3 girls and it is horrible. None of the boys want to act like they care about their grades and thus most are failing because it isn’t cool to have to listen tot the teacher and ask questions. This class is also the most vulgar class with gross behavior. Bodily functions are cool in this class. I have also have a class with the opposite gender issues. My first period is 17 girls with 3 boys. This class is almost all passing and I very seldom have to call them down for talking. In my experience, it works well for girls, but not for boys. Again, just my opinion from these classes that I have now.

  2. I like this idea. I think it certainly can’t hurt to try separating them to get their attention. I know when I was in middle school I was scared to death that I would say something stupid and a boy would hear it.

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