Barack Obama’s Support for Net Neutraility

This article by Michael Geist comes from good ol’ Stephen Downes Barack Obama has used technology a lot to gain the support of people all over the country, espically in the 18-30 age range.  This has more to do with what we were talking about last week and the concepts within the Cluetrain Manifesto.  The Internet is a strong tool and Senator Obama is using it to his advantage and even making a music video entitled “Yes We Can” to inspire the American public.

What does pertain to this week’s discussion is his support for Net Neutrality legislation.   He states that network providers should not be allowed to charge fees to gain access to certain types of content and web applications.   Doing so establishes a class system between those who can afford it and those who cannot.

I found some interesting information on the website called Save the Internet website.   Some of the issues discussed have to do with money and some to do with censorship.   I’ll have to look into some of these stories in more detail for later posts.


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