Wanted: Google Apps

This may have more to do with the equal access week of class, but I am going to talk it anyway.  Read a blog from Around the Corner discussing how school IT departments are going to try and take a preemptive strike against Google docs.  What I don’t understand is this, Google apps is feature where someone can create word documents, presentations, and spreadsheets that can be sent to any user.  This would be great alternative for schools who are having trouble getting the same format of Word or don’t have Word at all.  It is user friendly and provides several options to help with a user’s creation.  So, why block it? Doesn’t make sense to me to prevent a tool from being used.  Have we become so afraid of what students may do that we have to close the door on everything?  Okay, that’s my rant for the evening.  Thank you for listening.


One Response to “Wanted: Google Apps”

  1. Of course, there are several reasons why it would be blocked. Some include:

    1) Students can use this to share information among themselves outside the control of the school district. What happens when one of them uses Google Apps to create a presentation that bullies another?

    2) Teacher and administrators sometimes deal with confidential data. If they store that data inadvertently on the Google servers via the Apps/email, what liability is there for the school district?


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