Cluetrain Manifesto & Education

My understanding of the Cluetrain Manifesto is a look how the Internet has affected the business world and the way e-commerce has stormed onto the scene in today’s market.  The small businesses of yesteryear, the mom and pop stores that we all love and cherish now have a means of keeping in the game that comes with dealing with cutthroat corporations out to make every dollar they can.  Their product can reach people all around the world and offer the opportunity to get their name more recognition than they could ever dream of.

The effect that this book has had on education is the Internet today has now become a place where students can collaborate with other students and share their opinions with everyone.  The Internet is their soapbox and the world their audience.  Whether it be through message boards, social network, blogs, or whatever, it has never been so easy to express our beliefs and ideas.  Students can lead their own discussions about whatever topics they want to in an attempt to connect with one another and understand different perspectives.  Classrooms can collaborate on projects and other activities that address some of the issues plaguing our world today.  Not only can students work together, but teachers can work together to learn about each other and what they can do to improve the education they are providing their students.  It will be interesting to see where education is headed in the not so distant future.

Oh…I did a Google search and found what I believe is the entire Cluetrain Manifesto on the Internet.  Click here to read it.


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