Solomon Chapter 5

While reading Chapter 5 of Solomon I came across a couple of things I found to be interesting.  One of the misconceptions I think people have about educational technology is that it is solely based on computers and software.  While that may be kind of true, it does not encompass everything that goes under educational technology.  Solomon made a statement about how digital equity has to do with distribution of resources, education, and opportunities to set up learning experiences for one’s self and the community purposes.  Having a voice in the blogosphere and collaborating with others in the world serves more meaning than say being able to set up a PowerPoint presentation.

Solomon under the “Changing Work in the New Economy” discusses how 21 century literacies involve being a knowledgeable citizen rather than a knowledge worker.  Being able to read between the lines and determining what information is credible and what is not are two important skills students of this generation need to have.  Referring back to Joe’s post and the discussion on “reading and writing the word” and “reading and writing the world” I think student would benefit more from the later of those two things.  Sure, reading and writing are important skills to have and should be mastered by everyone, but being knowledgeable about what’s going on around you will benefit a student more in life.


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