Haiku & Learning

This is an interesting summative assessment exercise from The Bamboo Project that you can do with your students. Pose a question to them about what they learned from a project or learning experience and ask them to express it with a Haiku-twist.  The twist is instead of syllables use words.I have never been a huge fan of poetry, but this activity would be all right for any student to accomplish.    To give an idea of how you might conduct this assessment, you could pose the question, “What did you like about the movie Die Hard?”

John McClane is very tough

Alan Rickman always excels as a villain

Action movie of the decade

While students we’ll probably not be discussing the movie ‘Die Hard’ in your classroom, you can still use this method of assessment to mix things up and it incorporates elements of poetry within your content.  It will give you an idea of what the student learned and provide some immediate feedback for you.

One Response to “Haiku & Learning”

  1. lee, thanks for the great idea. I realize that some will probably gasp when I say that I, a language arts teacher, am not a fan of poetry, but I could see this example as a great way to assess a students knowledge about a concept. Thanks for sharing. I will let you know what I get.

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