Unevenly Distributed: Production Models for the 21st Century & A Study of Distrubtion

Interesting blog. The distribution of media has always been a hot topic issue with copyright laws and determining whether it is okay to receive some content. I can remember when Napster first hit the scene and everyone was downloading files from their program. It was the digital version of what th 80s referred to as the Mix Tape. Someone would take the time to make you a tape with several different songs from your favorite artist. Well, there is no tape with Napster, but you did have access to what was on their hard drive in terms of music. However, with Lars Ulrich spearheading the movement to bring down Napster, this form of distrubtion has caught some heat from the RIAA.

Despite the Napster incident, it has opened up a floodgate for distribution of content to the masses on the Interent. Bands of today now have Myspace websites where they can give fans access to some of their songs. Unsigned bands usually allow users the opportunity to download their songs for free to get more exposure and build up hype. This is way different than what some were doing in the past with demo tapes at radio stations and record companies. Not to say that demos have died, but there are new tools that work in the favor of certain groups available today.

This generation may be unofficially dubbed the Youtube generation because of the infinite number of personal videos uploaded to the website. Some are educational, while others are simply silly. Access to these videos is simple and sharing them is even easier.

Distribution of content has been made easier with the Internet. Like TnPrater1006’s blog says, it is a beast that cannot be tamed.


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