Soloman Chapter 6

This chapter left me with a lot of questions. For starters, we have a lot of people who want to acquire more information than they can handle and we have some who simply want nothing to do with it. Why is that? What drives them? What was their prior experiences that lead them to their feelings about acquiring information through technology? I suppose the answers to these questions will vary from one culture to the next. Some do not understand it fully and even some fear what it could do to their cultural identity. Embracing technology would change who they are and many groups do not think that is the best thing for them. Others are looking for change and welcome it with open arms because they see as a way of evolving and making life better.

When looking at some the statistics and the date to which they were taken from it got me curious to know if they have changed since then. I did some research and I found an article discussing the diminishing digital divide in Latin groups. In four years time, Internet use has increase at an annual rate of thirty percent by Latinos. Not only are Latino users using the Internet they want to know much more and become advanced users. So, the disinterest displayed by the Latino culture in the textbook has changed in just 4 years!

With this much change in one culture, how much has occured in the others mentioned in the textbook are gaining access?

Martinez, A. (2003, August 21st). How the Digital Divide Diminished for Latinos and What Problems Remain. Retrieved February 2, 2008 from


2 Responses to “Soloman Chapter 6”

  1. I, too, wondered whether the statistics had changed since the printing of the book. Thanks for doing the leg work on this one. I wonder how the others are coming along?


    Look up the latest statistics … things have changed drastically.

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