How Does Variation in Culture Affects Technological Adoption?

The perception of technology by different cultures does have a major effect on whether they decide to embrace it or not. Sometimes the people who want to bring technology to certain groups is the reason they do not want it in the first place. Mistreatment by corporate agencies has lead to caution by cultural groups. They bring in technology sure and it connects them to the rest of the world, but in return they sacrifice something. Some would just prefer to do without and live the lives they have always known.

Other cultures would like to embrace what technology has to offer to them. If you every seen videos from Tokyo you will notice how crazy they have gone for cell phones, iPods, TV, computer, etc. They pretty much held both of their arms wide open for technology.

The cultural values of one group definitely have an effect on their decision to either adopt or deny technology. Technology is of the future and we want all cultural groups to be apart of it. But, should we push them so hard to accept it into their lives? Or, should we back off and let them decide when the time is right?


One Response to “How Does Variation in Culture Affects Technological Adoption?”

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