What’s In Your School’s Meat?

This article was very disturbing.  While this has nothing to do with what we are talking about this week, I thought I would share it with everyone.   The Hallmark Meat Packing company in Chino, CA, who is a  supplier to  the National School Lunch Program, was caught on video influencing sick cows to enter the slaughterhouse.  It is illegal to distribute meat from “downer” cows to the public.  The workers at Hallmark would attempt to push to the point where they would rather enter the “kill box” to get more meat to distribute.  I don’t know if the executives of the company knew about these practices {That would be disturbing if they did know}, but kids where receiving the meat to eat at lunchtime.  So, A) they use animal cruelty for their meat and B) they distribute contaminated meat to children.  Makes you wonder if the meat company who distributes meat to your school is doing the same thing.  What price do we pay for capitalism?  Scary, scary thought.


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