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Visual Image of the Social Network

February 29, 2008

On Weblogg-ed, I found an image of a several cell phones piled on top of each other that is supposed to depict the vast size of society and how we are all just one person in it.  The same can be said for one of us within the social network of the blogosphere.  We are […]

Information is a Virus

February 27, 2008

I guess I must be on a role with finding different ways to describe the concepts we have been talking about in this course.  I found this article from Remote Access where the act of information spreading across the Internet is similar to the way a virus spreads across an area.  It all starts at […]

Is Your Class Living in a Digital Ghetto?

February 25, 2008

The four criteria expressed within this blog are nothing new from what I have read in the past about the digital divide, but the term “digital ghetto” is both fitting and interesting. Within any country there is a class system of upper, middle, and lower classes. The elitists enjoy the luxuries of life and have […]

Finally Starting to Feel Better

February 25, 2008

 Well, I definitely had my fair share of illness last week and this weekend.  It all started on Wednesday when I started to get some flu-like symptoms.  Those symptoms kept on getting worse and went to the doctor on Friday to get checked out and receive some medication.   About 5:00 that afternoon, I noticed […]

Silicon Ceiling

February 25, 2008

Reading this article reminds me of a lot of my first major I chose my first semester at Morehead State University.  The reason I chose this major initially because of my love for technology and the fact that their salary would be more than satisfactory.  Ever since the days of the old Apple computers and […]

Does Access or Lack of Access Affect Culture?

February 24, 2008

There are so many different types of culture out there in the world today that it is sometimes hard to keep up with them all.  There are not only cultures found around in the physical world, but also within the cyber world.  Online gaming has its own subcultures with their own language and modes of […]

Dannah Boyd Interview

February 24, 2008

 This was an interesting discussion about social networking websites.  The times have definitely changed from the day where kids would go hang out in the neighborhood and play outdoors.  But, nowadays, students enjoy hanging out with each other online through social networking websites like myspace and facebook.  Students will emulate conversations they may often have […]

How does digital techology improve the level of equity? How does it hamper?

February 24, 2008

Can digital technology be a vehicle for establishing equity? I believe it has the potential to do just that. The many different applications you can use on the Internet provide the means to accomplish the goals you have set for your classroom. Digital technology provides opportunities for students to become connected to each other and […]

Critical Factors in Assessing Educational Equity

February 24, 2008

When it comes to successfully assessing education equity, I have to agree with Soloman that it is both gaining access to technology as well as the meaningfulness and relevance of that technology to the students in a classroom. The criteria to which we need to assess equity by come in four factors: social context, economic […]

Web 2.0 in a Nutshell

February 22, 2008

Came across this slideshow on OLDaily about the Web 2.0 defined and where it is going in the future.  He begins by describing how he uses certain applications to perform certain actions such as storing photographs, creating collaboration opportunities on documents, and keeping up to date on the news.  From there he describes how it […]