Ron Paul’s Thoughts on Educational Technology

In a recent interview with Mike Arrington, Ron Paul answered the question: Do you think the government has any place or ability to help bridge the gap when it comes to technology education?

I found this part to be the most interesting part:
“That’s generally how the system has worked over the many years of our history. But what we need is more competition in schools. This is similar to the question “well they’re not doing well in spelling”, but lo and behold if you have home schoolers and private schoolers they do very well in spelling or in arithmetic. Why can’t we do the same way with technology? We need more competition. We need more local control. We need the families and parents in charge and I think we would solve a lot of these problems. But if it’s a reflection of a culture where people are lazy and they don’t want to study — I don’t happen to believe that’s the way we are.”

What I get from Rep. Paul’s response is that we need to take more control of how technology can be used in education.  We as teachers need to take the initiative ourselves to learn about the tools technology has to offer.  Our culture has been portrayed as lazy to the global onlookers, but that can’t be entirely true.  There are individuals out there in our society who work hard to find new innovations for our country.  So, why can’t we take the time to sit down, educate ourselves on technology, and start bridging the gap between us and the rest of the world.


2 Responses to “Ron Paul’s Thoughts on Educational Technology”

  1. I agree with this in theory, our district is losing lots of students to home schooling and private schools and I think the competition is good. I think we do need more parents and families in charge. But here recently, students will get school truency court referrals and automatically they are going to be homeschooled. The main reason is that they don’t want any pressure from the local school district to make their kids go to school. I really do think this is crazy, the public schools need to create a better product and at times I think competition is a good thing. I agree, we definitely need to bridge the gap quicker.

  2. I also agree with Ron Paul that we need competition in our products. We as teachers have an obligation to our schools, community, and to society to stand up and say what we think is best for our schools and the future of our country. . . but has any politician or policy maker asked the teachers what they feel would benefit the most? NO… As a matter of fact, our debating politicians have not mentioned education at all in their platforms. So are we to assume it isn’t an issue in our country. I think education is the issue in our country. I also agree with Lexie on the fact that we have so many parents home schooling their kids because they don’t want to MAKE them go to school. We shouldn’t have to make them, they should want to go and become educated so they can help enhance our world. We are not selling a product that kids these days want. We need to have a meeting of the minds of teachers to discuss what we can do or change to make school more appealing to students. I just got an email from hotchalk, (online classroom that I’m a member of), asking for replies from teacher about “what one thing would you want changed in education” and they are going to compile them and try to present them to policy makers. I can’t remember by what mean or to who, but I definitely put my two cents in because education should be a hot topic for the candidates like health care is.

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