What is Culture Exactly?

When I think of culture, I think of the many things that encompass a society.  Dialects, customs, technology, economy, etc. are all contributing factors to determine a culture.  Within our own culture, we have several different types of subcultures that have their own defining elements.  Whether it is sports, education, technology, books, movies…whatever really, you can describe the culture of one particular topic by the things underneath its umbrella.  So, when I think of technology and culture I believe it is the technology that defines the culture.  We have technologies here of both a higher and lower quality than other cultures around the world.  While technology alone is not the sole element to describe it definitely contributes greatly to its description.  If you look at the metropolises of the world  you will see an obvious movement of the hand technology has played in those areas and lack thereof in third world nations.

So, how do we bring technology to these types of areas?  Good question.  I really don’t have an answer.  Some face famine, war, genocide, and many other social issues that affect their culture, change just doesn’t seem possible when faced with those obstacles.  My suggestion with oh so small voice in the world is to just tackle one thing at a time.  I know that sounds simple, but for anyone to get out of the status that their in it has to start somewhere with baby steps. From those steps, progress will grow.  I know that sounds a little cheesy, but there is some truth to it.


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