Can’t Have One Without the Other

I believe this article says it all about why some school administrations are not adopting technology in the classroom.  According to “Technology Can’t Create Change When Culture Stays the Same,” the expectations that some schools have for technology, such as laptops, will be the savior of low test scores and bring them up.  They are sadly mistaken.  The technology to which we choose to use in our classrooms can only be as good as the goals and objectives have in our classroom.

The push to include more technology in the classroom can only be beneficial if we are selecting the right tools.  What looks neat to you may not be the best thing to use for instructional purposes.  That is, unless you have a plan in mind that would allow for it to compliment your goals and help you reach them.  We need to have a clear plan in mind and select the best solution that will our problem based upon what we need in our districts.

We place a lot of expectations on technology and what it should be doing.  Sometimes when it doesn’t work, we get frustrated.  Frustration can lead to decisions made to purge the problem and start anew, looking for another remedy that may be better.  But, instead of looking around, we should be focusing on what is causing the problem.  First issue could be our expectations for what we want to accomplish.  Technology alone WILL NOT be the answer to raising test scores.  Simply having the technology will not bring up struggling test scores for a school system.  It’s going to take change from within among teaching goals and methods to create a truly new change to the approach of education.  Without changing our goals and objectives, we are only setting ourselves up for failure.  When failure occurs we like to blame the technology, get rid of it, and move on. That’s the reason why school administrations do not want to spend money and time on technology…because they’re looking for the quick fix, instead of thinking about the future.   If we are dead serious about changing and teaching for the students of the 21st century, then we need to change ourselves.


3 Responses to “Can’t Have One Without the Other”

  1. I totally agree, technology alone will never raise test scores alone. Technology is just one of the tools available. I am one of the lone people out there that don’t believe that money is the answer to all of our education woes. I believe that we should have better usage of our funds, instead of just having lots of waste. I see quite a bit of waste in our school district, funds that I think could use some better judgement, especially the money spent on individuals who don’t seem to do a whole lot.

  2. I agree as teachers we need to have a plan.

  3. Your right! We can get in all the technology that we want, but if we don’t know a useful way to integrate it into our curriculum, then it will not help to educate the students. We need teachers to educate with technology as an aid, not a crutch. Great point!!

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