The Four Precepts of Solomon

After Chapter 1 and the four precepts of Solomon, I found it to be informative on how exactly access is being hindered in our schools. The third precept about access to teachers who know how to use digital resources and tools stands out to me. When I was in my student teaching, we had a seminar where all of the teachers from our grade level were invited to log on to UnitedStreaming and check out the resources it had to offer. A good majority of the teachers were able successfully access the site and its contents. I may have abused it over the course of my stay in my mentor teacher’s classroom, but only because it had a lot to offer.

One of the main problems we have with using new technology is adminstration officials want you to use the technology in your classroom with your students, but do not offer any kind of training for you. So, there you are with the “X” dollar amount piece of technology that has been praised by many critics and received excellent review…but you have no idea how to use it. If we are going to use technology in our classrooms, we have to be in the know about it before we can effectively use it. Situations like this call for you to ask your students about it and use them as your tech support. In doing so, you are learning about your new technology while at the same time developing your relationship with your students. It is one of those situations that brings a lot of good out of something bad.

The other precepts are important as well. Access to up-to-date technology, meaningful content, and leaders who want to bring about change via technology will help boost education into the know and help keep up with the fast pace technology has set for itself. They’re all like cogs in a machine. If one goes then machine doesn’t work as well and everything slows down big time.


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