Problem With Educational Access

There is definitely a problem with educational access out there and it shows in the policies they create and the goals they set. Blocking access to beneficial websites, using out-of-date technology, and not teaching to the needs of the 21st century are all ways of just amplifying the effect denying access has taken on our system. What can we do? Can we do anything? That’s a tough question. There are things we can do in our districts that will help put things in motion.  Educating the wary with research focused on showing a glimpse of what the future can look like and what the technology we have available now can do to change our schools for the better. We can write grants to get the funding available to us to purchase the technology to stay up to date and better stimulate students living in a fast paced world.  Once we have that technology, training can be offered to ensure that it’s used effectively by teachers.  We are teachers who are expected to be leaders in the community and take the initiative to do what is best for our students. Change can only happen if we want to make it happen. It won’t happen in the blink of the eye, but small steps turn into big steps which turn into giant steps. We are all capable people who can make this turn into a reality. That’s all I have to say about that.


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